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"7500" with Not a Second of Background Score is the Movie you should Watch this Weekend

(Spoiler Free) Patrick Vollrath in his directorial debut went with a story which is very common with thrillers, which is an Airplane hijack, simple story where a bunch of men Hijack a Plane which was going from Berlin to Paris and their motive was to crash the plane in a city and cause damage and kill people so that their religious ideologies gets satisfied, I don't know how but people like these are referred to as terrorists.

You will be thinking yea this is similar to 9/11 so whats special about this movie. The thing that makes this movie unique is the approach it has been given. The movie doesn't has a single second of background score or any kind of music which seems weird at first and a bold move by the director but it pays off and also the movie has been shown through the perspective of the pilots only and the passengers were hardly shown, the main protagonist Tobias Ellis played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is an amazing actor and I admire his style personally, also loved his acting in the 500 days of summer, did a fantastic job in 7500, the whole plot is shown through his perspective and over 90% of the film is shot in the Airplane Cockpit which is again a big move, it is a very low budget film but executed very well.

The Film is for only about 90 mins and it basically shows the real tensions of the pilots handling a hostage and a hijack situation, remember that there is no background score so the scenes feel more real and intimate. The director did an amazing job showing how the pilots react and talk with the terrorist and the control tower. The film is more realistic than dramatic, will make you realise it can really happen like this in a real hijack situation like this.

7500 is Now Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Now coming back to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he deserves a special mention as he did a fabulous job of pulling the role of the pilot, his expressions and his intensity with which he did the role convince you very well. Again I would definitely say again that this movie is much more realistic as in other words I mean that in a real hijack situation this is how most probably situation will unfold unlike in most hijack movies where there is hero killing all terrorists and passengers escaping in parachutes. etc. Also after Joseph the 2nd most important role was played by Omid Memar (Vedat) the younger terrorist in the Film and his role exposes the dilemma that the younger terrorists face of what is right or wrong and how they have been brain washed but at the same time they know this is somewhat not right. This has been shown very well in the film and I feel this is the most important aspect of the film. This shows that how many children suffer when they are put into terrorist camps and the trauma they face.

Highly recommend you all watch it, if you love a good thriller. Its a great weekend Binge.

Cheers !

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