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After Canon's 8K R5, Now Blackmagic has introduced a 12K Camera, That's Definitely an Overkill

First of all I would like to say Woaaaaaaaaaah what the hell is happening, 12K displays doesn't even exists. But of course this isn't meant to be making full 12K content, instead you can shoot it for later Zooming insanely and still won't loose quality or re-frame your whole shot without loosing any details and export it to 4K,8K whatever. Thats a great advantage this camera is suppose to offer and considering the price tag of $ 10K it is a good value as per industry standards, I can't even afford Sony A7III right now so not even thinking about it but just admiring the capability of this and the advancement of camera tech.

But I personally feel it is just spec chasing race right now in the industry now as forget 8K even 4K isn't much widespread now , 1080P still dominates and 4K is now emerging, its just like the Android smartphone manufacturers giving 12GB, 16 GB ram on a Phone which is totally insane , no task on a phone right now uses so much ram, its totally an overkill and a marketing gimmick. That aside 12K still will be useful but in a very limited way. In the end if the price is reasonable then no one will mind having it.

The BlackMagic Ursa Mini Pro 12K, a higher resolution version of the existing Ursa Mini Pro, which shoots at 4.6K. In the end I think now many camera companies are going to put insane specs but the underlying truth is most of us Filmmakers don't need more than 4K right now it is the sweet spot and I would rather personally favor a Camera with high bit rate and at least 120Fps 4K with great dynamic range in a much cheaper package rather than Insane specs and High price. Now lets see what Sony and Lumix does with its upcoming cameras. Also remember that a Good lens with a Cheap Camera Body is always better than a Cheap lens and a Expensive camera Body. So spec chasing always doesn't help. But I am excited for the Future of this industry.

Cheers !

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