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Bollywood lost two Gems in under 48 hrs and leaves behind us a legacy that will inspire Generations

The world is going through tough times there is no doubt more people are having depression a lot more than normal and in middle of this Pandemic, we all got the news of two Bollywood superstars Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor passing away because of Cancer. Many notable people passed away this year from Kobe Bryant to Gene Deitch. This year feels so weird and makes us think that life which we usually take for granted is too short but these people who died didn't die for nothing, their lifetime achievements has given us a lot, their lives had more meaning than many other people living on this planet, simply because they lived their dreams, they didn't die regretting and that what inspires me.

I won't discuss their achievements here, is better you go to their Wikipedia pages and lookout for it because they have so many that I can't write it all out. Also there are hundreds of videos out on the net discussing their career successes.

The legacy they have built hasn't only affected the Bollywood but also the World Cinema. We think they are only famous in India but in fact they have a huge following and respect for the contribution they have done to the world cinema. Rishi Kapoor is from the Family which literally gave Bollywood its beginnings and now it is the largest Film Industry by size and 2nd largest by revenue. Rishi Kapoor has been a very versatile actor and has taken challenging roles which were were unique and stories which were never told before, like for example 102 Not Out and Do Dooni Chaar . etc , these films weren't commercial blockbusters but were among the most beautiful films that I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Rishi Kapoor (left) and Irrfan Khan (Right) in a scene from D-DAY

Irrfan Khan is one of the rarest actors who was in top class in both Bollywood and Hollywood and that what makes him truly a global actor, he was a very humble person with exceptional qualities everyone respected him and he was seen as an idol in both the film industries. He Rejected roles in Ridley Scott's Martian and Christopher Nolan's Interstellar and that because of his commitment in other small Bollywood Films he had already made and that what makes people respect him. I really like his Films especially Paan Singh Tomar, Piku and Lunchbox because those were true gems with very different roles in each of them.

Life and death are part of lives , I am sure their legacies will live on and inspire millions, people will remember them for their contributions and I guess they all have lived life with fulfilling moments without any regrets and that is how I want to live. Can't wait for the future of this exciting industry but for the present moment lets thank them and pay respects.


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