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Hi There ! Welcome to my First Blog

No matter who you are or where you from, I guarantee you that my Blogs in this totally new website, which is evident from the fact that it's my personal website, will never be boring and will have variety of topics ranging from Camera Tech, Mobile tech .etc to Film making and Photography and even Art in any form, from around the world.

Whatever I share in these upcoming Blogs will be the Things which Inspires me the most or deserves attention for number of reasons, I will discuss different Films and try to find out true purpose and meaning behind it, even Films which aren't well known, Ex. Indie or Art Films which don't get much publicity but worth the watch and has a deep message which might be a mirror to today's society. This is just one example, so a lot of exciting things I will be discussing on these blogs.

Also I am not an expert in any of these topics, it will just be my opinion and occasional facts which you might Like it or hate it, doesn't matter, you are welcome. I will address the topic in the eyes of the common man and general audience, again I am not an expert so don't sue me. I will also Invite some occasional guest writers who can contribute onto my Blogs and discuss various topics because its always better to have different viewpoints and also personal blogs might be a little biased.

Okay and I almost forgot to Introduce myself or you can just go to the about section on this website to figure out who I am, or else for the lazy heads, here is a small intro, I am a student sort of, just completed my graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication and I reside in Delhi, India. I am a passionate Filmmaker and Photographer which you should probably know, if you have gone through this website, other than that I am passionate about Gadgets , Films and World Politics and Economics. Rest you will get to know about me more in my Upcoming Blogs, so Stay Tuned. You won't regret it I promise.

Cheers !

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