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If you are an Action Junkie then "Extraction" is for you but the Plot is Simple

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

As all cinemas are closed because of obvious reason, the only thing people can expect are the new Shows and Movies on Netflix and other streaming platforms. And so, the movie “Extraction” was finally released on Netflix , it isn’t the blockbusters we were eagerly waiting for like the Wonder Woman 1984, No Time to Die, Black Widow or Tenet .etc. But this Netflix Film is the closest we can get to watch the latest blockbuster in this strange time. To be honest Netflix Films are not so great generally , I previously tried to watch 6 Underground and it was so awful with meaningless action that I just had to stop after an hour but fortunately it isn’t the same case for the new Chris Hemsworth Netflix Film.

Still this is a film only for the action junkies and it has a straightforward and a simple plot not a lot is there, the plot is that India’s Biggest gangster’s son has been kidnapped by Bangladesh’s biggest gangster and so Tyler ( Chris Hemsworth ) is hired to extract the boy from Bangladesh, Simple but there are twist and its 80 percent action and 20 percent emotions but I personally don’t mind that because the actions are hands down amazing and cool , I enjoyed it wholesome and it will give you a nice thrilling experience. Directed by Sam Hargrave ( Debut Film ) who is usually a stunt coordinator in Marvel and other action films, also did the shooting of action scenes himself and has done a wonderful job it is certainly much better than your average action thriller and as he had backing of Russo brothers so the outcome has come out very well combined.

Extraction is Now Streaming on Netflix

There are small surprises in the Film which you will have no idea unless you watch the movie, you will not be able to predict even after watching the trailer which I like but overall the backstory of any character is very short and for some there are no backstory at all. You will find the importance of the character “Saju” ( Randeep Hooda ) important which I didn’t expect by watching the trailer as he has a lot of screen time.

Overall, I would say this movie is a great time pass, you will honestly enjoy the movie, will kind of remind you of John Wick and Atomic Blonde and who doesn’t want to watch Chris Hemsworth Beating bad guys out again so yea definitely give it a watch and it’s a film which I wouldn’t mind watching even in theaters.

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