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Tenet has a Simple Message - Don't F*** with Time (Spoiler Free)

Tenet which is a palindrome and means a principle of belief, That's what the internet says but Nolan went quite deep with the tenet of Time. The Film has a whole different concept than your usual Time Travel Films. In short the story is about a situation where people from future are coming to the present in reverse sending threats and changing situation. Grandfather Paradox is discussed here, like if you go and kill Hitler's dad in the past, then will Hitler be ever born and exist. etc. I like a Dialogue particularly from the Film where Robert Pattinson's character says " What's Happened, has happened" , people obsessing's over changing their past and future can be a destruction and shouldn't play or distort time as it will cause imbalance and our Human's ambition that one day we will time travel will always backfire or be misused and will distort our reality. This is quite true.

The Film will remind you of Nolan's Inception a lot but Tenet is not Nolan's best work, I feel Interstellar and Dark Knight are still his best but Tenet is not bad in any way, its ending is the best Nolan endings I have ever seen, even the start was was quite thrilling and will make you seat on the edge from the beginning only. The Notable aspect of the Film was the Music Score which is composed by Ludwig Göransson is quite brilliant, the beats and the gradual pace of the subtle suspense music makes it an absolute gem,

I mean it was the best thing I heard after such a long time , It was so immersive the experience of watching this Film in IMAX was an absolute dream, the adrenaline and dopamine pump you get watching the scenes will make you feel that you could never justify watching this film on a TV or a Laptop.

The actors in this film which includes John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Dimple Kapadia and Elizabeth Debicki all of them were amazing the performance of each of them were very convincing and thrilling as well. But I did not like the performance of Kenneth Branagh who played Andrei Sator wasn't so much convincing as a Russian unlike his performance in Dunkirk but as a British, which was impeccable.

See, I agree with the Filmmakers of Big Hollywood Productions that these films are meant to be watched in a Cinema Hall and a Blatant digital release is an insult to productions like this but the pandemic forcing us to stay at home is nothing we can do about so it was quite refreshing to watch a Film like this after such a long time in a IMAX Cinema and the experience can't be replicated in an average home no matter how much big tv or a amazing sound system you have. So I would suggest that if its possible then do try to watch this Film in theatres, or else its okay , but still watch it no matter what as its pure Nolan film that you should not Miss.

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