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The Way Back is the most Underrated Ben Affleck Film

If you have watched Gone Girl then you know that Ben Affleck gave one of the most amazing performance of his career but his performance as Batman personally I didn't feel he could do justice to the character. Whatever these both were some of the most famous roles he played in films. But recently a new film The Way Back has gone under the radar in which honestly I feel Ben Affleck did an amazing job. I really loved watching this Film as the story did captivate me, the screenplay was done very well and the casting was also done well didn't feel at all that an actor is out of place .

The story in brief is about an ex champion high school Basketball Player ( Ben Affleck ) who is living alone after his son died of cancer and is working at a Construction site but is suffering from severe depression and is a big alcoholic. He is also separated from his wife but an opportunity knocks at his door when his school father offers him a job of coaching a Basketball Team which isn't performing well and then how he changes the faith of all the high school basketball players reminiscing his high school days as a champion basketball player.

I also really enjoyed the cinematography of this Film, it was quite unique and refreshing and with beautiful light flares it was pleasing to watch the shots. Ben Affleck with his acting as an alcoholic made me feel he is actually in ease justifying the character, the high school basketball players were fun to watch, everyone did an amazing job at it. Janina Gavankar who played Ben Affleck's wife in the Film had less screen time than expected and I really loved the character played by Al Madrigal as an assistant coach, it was well executed.

In the end I would like to say that the story is very good and the makers of this film have justified it well, it is an emotional film but you will feel good after watching it as it has a beautiful message about life and regret. It is definitely a good weekend binge and gives a sense of optimism, you will definitely not regret watching it.

Cheers !

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