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Web Series are taking away the "Limelight" from the Blockbuster Movies

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

During this quarantine period we are on a Binging mode for quite a long time and not surprisingly we are binging on Web Series more than Blockbuster Movies simply because we have more time and it has become easier to watch longer format shows. Forget Short Films and Documentaries which generally have niche audiences, we are not even watching enough feature films like we are binging new shows and series.

Be it Money Heist, Dark, Paatal Lok, Asur, Space Force, we are binge watching like there is no tommorow , even Friends and The Office which are regulars for many. I mean not that Films aren't being watched, I personally prefer Films over Series as they are short and you don't waste precious time knowing the climax, which honestly is a big deal for me or else my sleep pattern gets compromised and productivity of a person goes down. Also one more reason people are watching series more than movies is that there are not many new movies in the catalog as all the new releases have been delayed because of the pandemic but on the other hand new series or season releases directly on streaming platforms.

But that is just my personal observation, I think this just comes down to personal preferences. But the Web Series popularity is increasing day by day which is suggested by the increase in budget of the production. Especially in India where traditional watchers were watching movies and long running daily soap operas. The Gen Z and late Millennials are more into the Web Series as they are the most curious generations. Also one big advantage of a Web Series is that you can watch anytime anywhere. Which is true for other formats also but Web Series is the most popular for this type of viewing, don't know why.

In Future lets see what happens, I think Web Series is going to become more popular especially with the Youth. Even big name actors now want to be part of it, which was not the case few years ago, it was seen as a B level platform. To be Honest Web Series has much more to offer than we think.


Cheers !

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