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Why you should watch "Beautiful Boy" on Prime Video

Starring Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell Directed by Felix van Groeningen

Steve Carell popularly known for his role in the office and also some classic roles of his in movies like Crazy Stupid love, 40 year old virgin. etc.

Always as a personal fan of his seems weird or out of place for a role he does in the Beautiful Boy, don't get me wrong but seeing him doing a serious dramatic role is a big departure from his typically comic role he usually plays.

Now in this movie his performance is pretty good but the depth was lacking in the story of the character, not that it wasn't interesting but felt incomplete, he plays the role of the Father of the Main Protagonist and I felt the father's side of the story should have been elaborated more.

I will of course not give away the story but will definately say what it is about. It is about a Young Teenage Boy named Nic Sheff which has been played by Timothee Chalamet and to be honest his performance is excellent in this Film and to the point. Again I felt the overall movie lacked a little bit of depth in the story line, leaving with some unanswered questions, I mean that there should have been more backstory about the characters to give it more clarity about their journey and struggle throughout this film.

Coming back to the Film's story-line, It is about a boy who is struggling with serious drug addiction and how he and his family struggle to overcome it, in which his Father ( Steve Carell) plays an Important role in helping him the best way he can and this is where the movie really shines.

No fancy scripts and dreamy world situation, just simple reality of a true story family struggle and all of our families go through some kind of difficult situation sometimes in our lives, whether you realise it or not, so this movie becomes very relatable, you will be felt hard with the emotions the story has especially the part where the father thinks about, in instances between the movie about the time he spent with his son, when he was just a small child and how close he was to him and loved his company but now after his son's struggle with addiction he is getting drifted farther away from his son which really gave me an emotional chill.

Maybe this film doesn't has the strong backstory I expected but the other aspects like the relationship of the father with his son has been portrayed beautifully, the shots are nice and the protagonists have been given well enough space that does makes the movie really slow but I think it is important. Also an Important thing the movie highlighted is " Mental Health" which again I think is very important to talk and spread awareness about it. In my last blog post I discussed Joker and mentioned why Mental Health matters and I believe this movie continuing this theme does makes it important to watch.

Finally, I would say that if you have a Prime account just go and watch, it deserves more attention and is a Film which you will have a lot to learn about and introspect long after you have finished watching it and don't watch expecting that it has great entertainment but you will definately enjoy the cinematography in this film.

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