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Breathe 2 : Into the Shadows would have been fabulous if it was the first version (Spoiler Free)

I will come out straight that if you have watched Breathe 1 then this series is totally a predictable one but still a great watch. But if it had been the 1st version of the Breathe series then this would have been the best series till prime hands down. It would have been very unpredictable and more impactful.

The surprise part of this season 2 is Abhishek Bachchan , hands down he gave an amazing performance which was unlike his reputation as an actor. People don't trust him with acting especially when he tries to imitates his father's legacy. But he did redeem himself in this series and he was very natural and comfortable in this series. Also thumbs up to Amit Sadh, his performance was great as usual and I like his style a lot personally.

Resham Shrivardhan who plays the wife of Abhishek in the Film, gave a simple yet powerful performance in the film and of course Ivana Kaur who plays the daughter, as a Child artist pulling up such a impressive acting is always a bonus, its actually quite a hard job, its credits goes of course to the director (Mayank Sharma) who bring the best out of the actors.

Coming to the Plot, I would say it was quite thrilling and I liked that the story that has been written very well, I know I said that it will be predictable if you have seen the first one but over all it was filled with suspense, the topics addressed were quite unique and liked how the series also touched on Mental Health. The plot unveiled itself in a very slow and a strategic manner that is why it stretched quite long almost 15 episodes. So that might make you restless. But overall the experience was enjoyable.

Won't talk about the story as there are a lot spoilers but yes the story is simple about a daughter who has been kidnapped and the father played by Abhishek Bachchan has to kill some people to get her back alive. Then the twists and turns in the plot are crazy and its definately a good binge watch material series. So definately have a watch this weekend if you haven't yet.

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