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Sony A7C a $1799 camera which is basically a A7III in a A6400 Body

Sony A7III is a very popular camera and certainly the highest selling Sony full frame mirrorless camera. It is a good value for money camera but that doesn't mean that it is perfect but a very capable one for its price. Now imagine this exact camera in a small body with a proper 360 degree tilted screen, it quite makes it an attractive machine especially for vloggers and travel filmmakers out there.

It can shoot log and upto 4K/30 Fps and 1080 up to 120 Fps and the best part is that it is the smallest full frame camera yet. This camera will be great for run and gun shoots certainly and good secondary camera for high end Sony Mirrorless or even shooting documentaries. Also it is $200 dollars cheaper than Sony A7III and isn't priced insanely as the Canon R5 and Sony A7SIII even though for their capability they are quite a compelling buy for that price but still most of us can't afford or don't actually need that much high specs. Personally I still use a Nikon D3300 DSLR and its quite an old camera but a good one and suffice almost most of my needs for now. Even though A7III is two years old, it is still a good camera and won't be obsolete for foreseeable future and so a camera of that capability with a better 360 degree tilted screen and lighter body can be a good upgrade for Filmmakers like me. It will be the logical choice for most of us rather than the insanely spec Canon R5.

Only one gripe I have about is that it can shoot only 8 Bit and would have been the best bargain if it could have shot in 10 Bit which will be a no brainer to choose . But Competition from the recently launched Lumix S5 which actually shoots 10 bit with 4K 60 Fps and only $200 extra is a better buy from my perspective. That will also cannibal sales of some higher models. But I will wait till the Sony A7IV releases which is long overdue and I have a lot expectations from that camera, that could have some killer features and with Sony's improved colour science plus the proper 360 rotatable screen. I bet that will be the most popular Sony and Mirrorless camera.

In the end I would like to say that in the age of great spec bump in cameras, it is good to see an affordable high quality camera, we know that most of us don't need such higher specs, I mean its good to have one if its affordable but in reality its that Sony launching this camera is a good sign that the upcoming A7IV could be a great balance between price and specs and will continue the legacy of A7III which is a great hit for Sony. Sony cameras also look cool and their designs are looks fun to use . So lets hope for the best.

Cheers !

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