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Money Heist is a Freaking Dopamine Booster ( Spoiler Free ) #Netflix #Moneyheist

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

I usually don’t fall for the hype and so I haven’t ever watch Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad .etc , Yea and now society won’t accept me but wait . I finally watched Money Heist and I would say It didn’t disappoint at all. From the start it makes your mind excited and later it wouldn’t let you sleep and that has never happened with me before , I do resist not watching a season in one go as it makes my eyes sore and so I never binge watch but for Money Heist it was completely different. It made me want to stay awake the whole night and Binge watch seasons . So, I guess that’s a reason enough for most to watch the series.

Money Heist is originally in Spanish

I won’t discuss anything about the plot or the characters as it will ruin your experience even if its spoiler free . So, let me give the reasons why you should watch it if you haven’t yet. The Reason I watched was of course I needed to pass time this quarantine month, second reason is because of the Dali Masks which the thieves in the series use. The mask with combination of red Jump suit was so striking and cool that I instantly knew I want to watch it. But the thing is the Plot is so damn good that you don’t need any other reasons and the actors have done an amazing job and the dialogues are also striking. It has everything you want trust me even an Introvert and Nerd will enjoy it immensely. No offense to Nerds and Introverts out there and the main character in the series “Professor” is a Nerd and he is so cool and Intelligent.

I can’t describe this any other way other than saying that “I just love it” . I won’t review it and I won’t discuss, nor I will say anything more about it . There is a reason why it is one of the most popular series in Netflix. I will give you only one is that you will fell in love with characters and the plot and it is so unique and humble that you will keep guessing. There is nothing that is exaggerated even the action scenes are reasonable and realistic. Just go and watch it. You won’t regret it. The series speaks for itself.

Cheers !

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