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Quarantine Guide – Part 2

So as promised here I am with the second part of the quarantine guide with shows and movies that I missed on the 1st part . I will keep this one short and simple.

By the way, I did watch Money Heist and long story short , it is worth the watch I really enjoyed it. I did write about why you should watch it on my last blog post you can go and check it out after reading this.

Also, Disney + has finally launched in India and has been merged with hotstar but I haven’t start watching shows on its platform yet, but I have heard Mandalorian is very good.

So, these are Recommendation for this week.

Panchayat is Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Panchayat ( PrimeVideo ) – An Urban Young engineer graduate takes a job in a rural village in India with the panchayat , straight away I would say the plot is interesting and the divide between the Rural and Urban lifestyle was quite visible. The young protagonist who is not used to the Rural mindset find himself quite uncomfortable adjusting in the setting but as the series goes through, he finds himself in a beautiful journey. Performance of all the actors in the series is incredibly good and so are the dialogues which are quite funny and ironical . It is a true Satire and has not let me down.

Modern Love ( PrimeVideo ) – It is a combination of multiple cute small love stories. How people in Modern Times do Romance and what are the challenges they face. Very lighthearted and emotional , you will definately enjoy it. Every Episode has a new love story.

Spenser Confidential ( Netflix Film ) – It is a very enjoyable action comedy and has Mark Wahlberg as lead so yes this is 100% recommended.

Chernobyl ( HBO Mini Series ) – Just go and watch it , this is a masterpiece and leave you with goosebumps for a long time.

Laakhon Mein Ek ( PrimeVideo ) – A young female doctor in Rural area struggles to cope up with medical shortages and corruption and trying to change the mentality of village people who have no confidence on modern medicines and its practices. Very thought-provoking series also exposing the truth of our medical infrastructure in Rural areas in India. It has a Strong plot.

So, I will recommend more later and in the part 3 will probably talk about YouTube channels to watch out for. I will start watching Fauda because it seems interesting and also watch a new Netflix Film called Extraction because it has Chris Hems worth and Randeep Hooda and it is shot in India , so I am definitely not going to miss that.

Hope you are Happy Quarantining

Cheer !

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