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TikTok gets Banned in India "Again" might effect great Talent and result in Negative GDP (Parody)

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

On 29th June, 2020 Government of India Banned 59 Chinese Apps including TikTok. India is the largest market for TikTok with over 400 million downloads. So this ban definately hit hard the Chinese companies. Government says it is because of privacy concerns and miss use of user data. Also a boycott movement of Chinese product and services is going on because of ongoing border clashes in the middle of the Himalayas near Ladakh between India and China.

I mean why did the Indian government do this, Chinese Communist Party Controlled Companies bring good investment to India. CCP is all good in spreading peace and bringing better lives for its citizens and abroad. In Hongkong, Tibet and Xinjiang they brought great living standards. The Chinese Virus aka Covid 19 also known as Corona Virus is good for the world as per china it reduces human population and helps maintain resources such a revolutionary invention. Also China does want to maintain world peace by taking away land from other countries so that they don't have to take the burden to develop it. It is so considerate of them. 11 Jinping is the new age peace leader and is a front runner for Nobel Peace Prize. He is the NEXT Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther King Together unlike Dalai Lama who is a global terrorist in exile.

About TikTok, there will be a huge loss of potential great talent from the app, India's talented people are mostly found on TikTok. Ban like this will result in brain drain of our country. GDP of India will be affected negatively as those talent contributed huge to India's growth and it was the answer to Nepotism in Bollywood. Bollywood stars hated TikTok stars as they acted and sang better than them in their own original songs. In one side we have Sundar Pichai, Ratan Tata, A R Rahman those who do nothing for this country and create companies and Music with scams. On the other side we have Maran Johar and Amir Siddiqui who actually are stars as per them and I totally agree because they said it. These people generally have very high IQ levels and Scientists are baffled that how a country can produce both Sundar Pichai and Amir Siddiqui thats a Stark Difference. Amir's IQ is way higher and better than Human Race in general.

If you still didn't get the sarcasm here then you are either a TikTok user or a chinese agent trying to hack my website and censor Anti China content. Good News, I am doing your work by spreading your Propaganda. I mean the Truth. Lastly I would say TikTok has a lot of good potential and Tiktok videos do have script unlike Maran Johar Movies.

Love you CCP, Salute to 11 Jinping

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