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Top 5 YouTube Channels to lookout for – Quarantine Guide 3

So, without wasting any time let me get right onto it. All these YouTube channels are not only entertainment but are filled with interesting information and knowledge or have value rather than blatant entertainment . So, you can Binge watch without feeling guilty and having watched something which will not waste your precious time and add real value to your life.

1. Vox – This channel I would say it’s the best channel on the YouTube out there because this channel not only gives you interesting information and facts about science and various fields but its coverage of political news is the most neutral and I would say the most trusted than the traditional media especially if you follow international politics. There videos are very well made with graphics and animation and highly informative and innovative. This is a must to check it out if you have not yet.

2. Omeleto – If you love high quality short films then this channel is for you. Award winning and critically acclaimed films are also available, and their content have great stories and filled with value for which you will not mind giving time for . They have interesting video titles for short films on YouTube like for example “ A woman at a call center makes a great connection with a customer” , which makes you want to watch the film more because an outline of the story has been given, which gives it a more unique look.

3. Half As Interesting – This is a YouTube channel which is actually more than half as interesting because this is the most unique channel out there as its videos have information which you definitely did not know about and information which are weirdly very interesting. The example I will give you of video titles this channel has will be enough to make to you watch.

Real Titles – “Why it used to be legal to Mail Babies” , “ Why this coin is illegal to own” , “The Highway were cars are Banned” and “The only town in the US with a population of one” and many more like this. And literally its not a prank and have happened in real life.

4. CNBC – I know it is a traditional news channel but if you love business then this channel is for you. Its YouTube version have interesting content like business case studies like “ Why American cars failed in Japan” , “ Why Dominos is so successful in India” , “ Can AirBnb survive the pandemic” and many more. Their content is well researched, and experts’ interview are taken , with this you also can learn a lot about why a company fails in certain markets, what is the reason and factors. So good for business people they can learn from other’s success and failures.

5. – I am a Film Nerd, so of course I am going to talk about at least a proper filmmaking YouTube channel. If you want to learn basics of filmmaking and VFX then this channel is for you . From DIY VFX from famous Music Videos and films, in which surprisingly some of them are easy to do it. I have learnt a lot from this channel and even if you are not a Film student or someone who isn’t in this industry, you will still enjoy it and would be fascinated to know that how some of the common VFX and SFX are created.

To be honest the there are more channels like this, and the list can be endless I would do 2nd part in future for sure. Till then go visit the channels mentioned above and you will not regret it after you discover them. It is a lot entertaining and different than Netflix and other traditional TV content.

See you Soon. Cheers !

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

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