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Why Bollywood should now start making movies for the Global Audience

A few days ago, an unfortunate event happened , Sadly Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor two greats of Bollywood passed away and their impact on Indian Cinema will be felt for generations to come. But what they contributed was not only felt in India but also abroad, especially Irrfan Khan who is one of the few actors who was able to make an impact in both Bollywood and Hollywood, which are two of the largest film industries in the world.

But the thing is Bollywood actors do go and act in Hollywood but not vice versa and that isn’t something bad but my point is that Hollywood even though it makes less films than the Indian Film Industry , it has a Global Audience and so a higher budget and profit margin. The point is that the Indian Film Industry is losing a big opportunity here and its reputation is not strong enough globally simply because of poor scripts, overdo of bad VFX and copied concepts from global movies. Do not get me wrong we have some great films, but the Indian Filmmakers keep making for Indian audience, With cheesy scripts and over dramatic scenes which is okay if you make but too many films like this has given a bad stereotype of the Indian Film Industry, even the names like Bollywood, Tollywood etc. has been copied from Hollywood which is such a “B grade” thing to do. Even copying from old Bollywood movies and remaking old songs and movies, where the hell is all the creativity, please do not ruin the 100 years legacy the Indian Film Industry has created.

For example, what Aamir Khan did is what the Indian Film Industry should do. Making a Film with a good script catering to both the Global Audience and Indian Audience and then gaining a huge revenue as we know the Indian Film Market is very small compared to the size of the Chinese and American Markets , though Indian Film Market is growing but still not there yet. Having a huge revenue opens a lot of avenues for the Indian Film Industry, it can have a Higher Budget Films and more ways to tell a great story and then Most Importantly act as a soft power for India and its culture all around the world. It will help fuel positive sentiments about India which is particularly good for the Indian economy as it will help boost sectors like Tourism etc.

Hollywood has done that and that is why American culture is so popular across the world and is a big revenue generator for the American Economy and now its time that it gets some real competition, see Chinese are also Investing heavily in their own Film Industry and it will be a shame if a 100 years old Indian Film Industry with so much experience lags behind . That is why it is time that the Indian Film Industry should change its way before it is too late, making films with weak scripts won’t take you too far, it might make you huge instant profits but in the long run it’s a dead end and I won’t be surprised if the Indian Film Industry might get irrelevant as even Hollywood has started entering into the Indian Film Territory.

Lastly, I would say the Indian Film Industry has a huge potential, Films like Baahubali and Dangal have shown that and now it is time that Films like these get repeated more often and Indian Films should be a regular in the Top of the list of Global Box office collections.

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