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Why Smartphone Cameras are more Revolutionary than the Smartphone Itself !

Hi Everyone, yes I am back after a long delay, I guess I need to work on my routine more but what can I say, I am lazy and was busy. So yea whatever, by the way happy new year to all of you out there, I hope you have a great decade ahead and also those who want to start something new, this is a good time just go for it what your heart says, make it the best decade of your life, Happy 2020.

So coming back to the topic for which you have actually clicked this link in the first place, so I might be wrong or right but one point you have to agree, smartphone cameras these days are pretty dope and are actually taking away a lot of market share of entry level consumer cameras and to some extent DSLRs also. I am not just saying this out of nowhere this is actually the reality. Remember the days when people used to have small point and shoot cameras and remember the camera lineups like The Powershot range from Canon and Coolpix range from Nikon, they are hardly been seen used by someone today because everyone has smartphones with very good cameras today, so good infact that professional people like Journalists, Vloggers, Bloggers. etc also use it for their work.

But still smartphone camera has a long way to go before it can compete with the DSLR and Mirrorless category market because for the simple fact that smartphone camera's sensors are too small to get the quality of the Image big Cameras can get.

Also I would say that doesn't mean that smartphone cameras can't compete, In some aspects smartphone cameras beats the best Camera in the Market, which is you guessed it, its portability. In a lot of places you can't take a camera because of various reasons, so a high quality smartphone camera comes to rescue. Another area where Smartphone cameras beats traditional cameras are the software experience and AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE), because of this smartphone cameras can have better Dynamic Range and quick easy good quality shot without doing much in the settings.

iPhone 11 Pro has three Cameras with Industry leading Video Recording capabilities

I would bet by 2030 smartphone cameras could catch up with DSLRs maybe even before that but I could be wrong, no one knows the future exactly but we could speculate for sure. Also I do speculate that in Future some professional films could be filmed with a smartphone because why not, if you can get a good enough quality from it in a budget. Also My Youtube Video, "Vibes" which is shot with a One Plus 6 in 4K mode has more views than any other videos which are shot on DSLR, so this proves that more than camera content matters, Also an example of this could be BB Ki Vines YouTuber who shoots his videos with his smartphone only, even though he has 15 millions subs with Millions of views on his channel. So yea Smartphone cameras have contributed hugely to this Connected world, Not only it has made life of individuals but also has given birth to big tech Comapnies like Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instargram .etc. Without Smartphones cameras these apps are useless. So yea it is revolutionary to this world. Also with the power of smartphone camera a lot of crime or wrongdoings can be recorded in a matter of seconds. So smartphone cameras have empowered a lot of people and would continue to do so as it has been a lot more impactful tool than we think.

So that is all for this week, thank you for spending some time to read this, really appreciate the support that you all have given. I will definately try to be more regular and will try to post blogs on a weekly basis from now on.

Cheers !


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